Iain Barr World Bankmasters 2018

Just finished this years first competition. World Bankmasters 2018. I did good and ended up on a 4th place. My friend Terje joined me in top 10 with a sweet 7th place. Proud of us both, it’s not an easy competition – 88 contestants who all are very good anglers. And as we don’t have anything close to banks like these in Norway, we really are far from home!

Big congrats to Andrew Scott for winning the title!  And a big thanks to Iain for having us on the event!

The second day it was time for a new competition, this time in pair. Me and Terje teamed up and made the podium! We did really good. The two last competitions we entered was international, and we made podium in both. We are really pleased with being able to compete with the best, and also bring some results!

Big thanks to my friends Terje, Joar and Martin who all joined me on this trip, let’s do it again next year!



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